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The Deepest Sleep
You have never had.

Due to a change in location, we will temporarily close our salon in Waikiki.

If you still have our gift cards, please use it until 17th of June.

Or contact us +1(808)744-3776.  Thank you!

Sleep occupies about 1/3 of your life.

This is an essential human activity and an important element that leads your body and mind to optimal conditions.


With a unique technique created by Akie,

our dry head massage invites you to a quality sleep.

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For deep, true sleep, 

1, special techniques, 

2, spaces that relax the body and mind, 

3, scents that brings you into relaxing condition.

1+2+3=  Sheep Deep Sleep

These three factors combine to create the ultimate sleep experience.

You don’t need to count sheep Anymore.

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Sleep is often despised.

But improving the quality of your sleep can enhance your body's potential physical and mental capabilities.

However, people today, who are exposed to so much stress on a daily basis, do not know how to improve the quality of their sleep.

The Akie Method will help you to balance your body and mind, and lead you to a quality sleep.

Now, you too can experience how to optimize your physical and mental health.

Mie began her career as a model for Japanese fashion magazines.

After working in corporate advertisements and appearing on television, she moved with her family from Japan to Hawaii in 2008.

In Hawaii, Mie continues to be active as a model and designer while being a mother of three children.


In 2022, as general producer, she helped launch SheepDeepSleep, the first dry head spa in the United States. She oversaw projects ranging from interior design to business concepts.


Sheep Deep Sleep and 'A'ala essential oil collaboration products are inspired by plants and their remarkable ability to heal and teach.


This product line are organic and sustainably made.

Often referred to as “Meditation” which is a sense of calm for those in its presence.


'A'ala essential oil hopes to promote through its products. 

Our Signature

Dry Head Massage

60 mins  /  $100

For those who want to take an easy first step toward quality sleep


Our Signature

Dry Head Massage

90 mins  /  $140

For those who want to relax and receive treatment to a deeper sleep


Lomi Lomi Body

+ Head Massage

120 mins  /  $200

(Akie $300)

For those who wish to refresh themselves with a full body massage with a head massage

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