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Sheep Deep Sleep dry head spa and 'A'ala essential oil collaboration products are inspired by plants and their remarkable ability to heal and teach.


The sense of bringing home the experience in which are provided through Sheep Deep Sleep, we hand chosen each product exclusively.


The Sheep Deep Sleep and 'A'ala essential oil collaboration product line are organic and sustainably made. They come from mother nature and does not contain any synthetics or preservative.

Each products are handcrafted at our Kailua studio to help with your self love.

Often referred to as “Meditation” which is a sense of calm for those in its presence, 'A'ala essential oil hopes to promote through its products.

'A'ala essential oil is owned and operated by OHANA HEALING INSTITUTE, 'A'ala herbal bar + aromatherapy.

About Tomoko /

Tomoko Matsukawa


The founder of OHANA HEALING INSTITUTE, 'A'ala herbal bar + aromatherapy.

She resides in the neighborhood of Kailua, Hawaii.


After years of studying aromatherapy and herbalism, she moved to Hawaii and combined her passion for holistic healing education and to create aromatherapy products.

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