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Akie Method

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Why do we sleep?

Why do we need to sleep? 

We would like to invite people all over the world to experience sleep with this Akie method in order to expect the natural healing power of human nature, which modern people are losing, and to perform better than ever before.


Human health can be maintained through a balance between the body and mind, and for this to happen, homeostasis, immunity, and hormonal functions need to work properly through sleep. What is needed to make the sleep of the people in the world high quality? The following is a summary of the results of the study. 

Theta waves are a state of brain waves even deeper than alpha waves, a state of relaxation. 

The treatment approaches the autonomic nervous system and leads the brain to a state of non-REM sleep that cools down the brain in the space of SDS, which stimulates the senses of smell, hearing, sight, and touch. 

Our lives are greatly affected by the loss of the autonomic nervous system. The difficulty in switching between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems makes the quality of sleep much poorer. Akie Method is a way to improve this situation and to optimize our physical and mental health.

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Yasushi Miles Hori

(Urgent Care Waikiki/

Sheep Deep Sleep Consulting Doctor)

Due to the overabundance of stress in today's society, many people are suffering from chronic brain fatigue. Brain fatigue causes various symptoms and conditions as a result of the brain's failure to function normally. When an exhausted brain is healed, it recovers its normal function and regains the power to become healthy on its own through its natural healing power. A dry head massage provides comfortable stimulation of the head closest to the brain which results in brain healing, deep sleep, and restored physical and mental health. This massage is recommended for those who suffer from headaches, stiff shoulders, eye strain, insomnia, wakefulness, fatigue, stress-induced hair loss, skin irritation, etc.

Many people are affected by electromagnetic waves from smartphones, computers, technology, and are forced to live with a lot of stress. By managing this stress and maintaining your body, you can improve your health. People who have trouble sleeping not only have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, but also have trouble waking up. All of these problems can be solved by relaxing the tension in one's head. Having a dry head massage, relaxing the skull, and getting a deep sleep can be life changing - why don't you come and experience it?


About Akie /

Akie Takeishi


Graduated from university in Japan and moved to Hawaii in 2011.

She is a nature lover who prefers an active and simple lifestyle. While studying osteopathic medicine as a massage therapist and working with the human body, she realized that balance between the body and spirit is essential for good health.

She has been searching for techniques that work not only on the musculoskeletal system but also on the mind, and as a result, the "AKIE Method" focusing on the human brain was created.

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