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What is "dry head massage"?

Dry head massage differs from the massage using oil or other substances.

The treatment is performed without wetting the hair.
If your hair is tied up, we will ask you to let it down, and Also, please remove your earrings and neckless, but there is no need to change into clothes for the treatment. Please wear clothes that are loose around the neck, such as collarless clothes, T-shirt etc.


Doesn't it mess up my hair?

Akie Method is a finger pressure massage. During the treatment, we wrap your head with an organic towel from the back of your head, so you will not have artistic sleeping habits.
Our salon is equipped with a dresser room so that you can have your hair done after the treatment.

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Can men get massages?

Of course. Our salon has only private rooms, so you can relax and receive treatment without worrying about your surroundings.
Dresser room is for both men and women. However, since the concept of our salon is to offer each guest a relaxing time, we  limit the number of customers we accept. 
For this reason, the number of guests in the dresser room might be maximum of 3.


I'm pregnant, can I get treatment?

We regret to inform you, but we don't offer our treatment for pregnant people. During the treatment, the guests lie on the bed on their back, and keep in the same position. This position may make pregnant people difficult to relax and also the treatment may cause substantial and adverse health risks. We understand that sleep is important for those people too, but with those reasons, we hope you will accept our reluctance.



Do you accept walk-in guests?


Our salon accepts walk-in guests. 

But priority will be given to customers with reservations.

We recommend you to make an advance reservation.


What is "a non-contact service"?

At our salon, you do not need to be in contact with anyone other than your therapist.
With Vagaro, you can be contactless from making an appointment to payment after your treatment. 

You can make a reservation online, by phone call, and via e-mail.
After your treatment, if you pay by a credit card, you can pay through the tablet. That's easier and more private.



Can I book by phone call or email?

Our salon basically accepts appointments through Vagaro.

But we also take appointments by phone calls and e-mails. If you are making a reservation by phone or email and it is your first time using Vagaro, we will create a Vagaro account for you.

You will receive an email to set up your Vagaro password, which you will need to check-in on the day of your reservation.

Please note that we will ask for your name, e-mail address, phone number, and credit card information if you wish to make a reservation by phone or e-mail.


Where can I park?

Our salon has two parking spaces for guests.
From Kuhio Avenue, turn onto Royal Hawaiian Avenue and take the first left. The parking lot is on the left.
If you are coming by car, we would appreciate it if you could let us know in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Can I pay by cash?


Our salon is managed through Vagaro from reservation to payment, so you already give us a credit card information. For this process, we recommend to pay with non-contact service.


How to reschedule or cancel?

You can easily change or cancel your reservations through Vagaro, please log in to see your list of reservations.
Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time will be charged below rate of the reservation price.

24 - 14hours: 50%,  14hours - No show: 100%

If you like to reschedule your appointment within 14 hours, it will be free. We appreciate your cooperation with our cancellation policy. 



Do you offer couple's massage?

Our salon offers you a treatment in private rooms. Only one of these rooms allows two people to receive treatment at the same time.
When you make a reservation at Vagaro, please choose "couple menu".


Why did I feel sick after massage?

After receiving a treatment, you may experience physical discomfort such as lethargy, dizziness, or headache, etc. This is called a Cleansing reaction and indicates a temporary discomfort that occurs when blood flow is improved by the treatment and the body is trying to regain its original functions. It tends to occur more strongly in those who have been neglecting their care, but it improves with rest and good hydration. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

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